Jagro (Pvt) Limited
131, Vijaya Kumaratunga Mawatha (Polhengoda Road),
Colombo 05
Sri Lanka
“……to be the cutting edge organization in the field of Agri business in Sri Lanka in terms of Technology,Human Skills Development, Management and Business Practices. We will pride ourselves in being universally recognized as such”……

It all begins with quality berry plants, much of the success we have experienced can be attributed to our strong commitment to best agricultural practice. By investing in a broad range of farming techniques we have defined the local Strawberry industry.Jagro employs effective pest control by utilizing the most advanced pest management techniques available and also employs a very select group of Agronomists and Packers in order to deliver premium quality berries.

Jagro (Pvt) Limited
+94 11 2199041/3
94 11 2199024
Colombo 05
Sri Lanka
Akbar Brothers – Premium Quality Tea
334, T B Jayah Mawatha
The World’s Leading Exporter of Ceylon Tea

The Akbarally family has been involved in the selection, blending, packaging, and export of fine Ceylon tea, for almost as long as it was cultivated on Sri Lankan mountain slopes.

Today, the firm still owned and managed by members of the Akbarally family, is Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporter since 1992.

Akbar Brothers exports about a fifth of the country’s annual production, and emphasises on product quality based on comprehensive knowledge and experience of tea, and the tea industry, and a highly valued business culture that holds closely to fair dealing, integrity, and reliability.

Additionally, Akbar Brothers has diversified into several sectors through strategic reinvention, and expansion. Today, the group has a firm presence in the sectors of Tea, Power Generation, Packaging, Environmental Services, and so on…

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Colombo 10
Sri Lanka
No 05, Upper Chatham Street, Colombo 01,
Engaging in agricultural products,Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Optics, Consumer Goods, Industrial Raw Materials & exports

A. Baur&Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Founded in 1897, it is a diversified group that operates agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, optics, consumer products, industrial raw materials and exports. Baurs exports high quality cinnamon and other Sri Lankan products to the world market.
(94) 11-4728700
(94) 11-2329135
Sri Lanka
Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Limited
140/5, Grandpass Road

The “Adamjees” as we’re popularly known are renowned in as pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Spices, and Coconut products.

We’re also one of the largest exporters of combined Coconut Kernel products.

Strategically located in the commercial hub of Sri Lanka – Colombo – and within 2 km to the main port, is our office, and warehouse complex. With infrastructure capacity spanning more than 100,000 square feet, and fully equipped to manage it’s export, import, and processing operations.

Being in the business of food commodities, we believe that the application of strict quality control measures is critical to any consumer.

The Adamjees have an unparalleled rep., for being reliable shippers, with and emphasis on quality products. To ensure 100% quality assurance, Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Ltd. maintain a modern, fully equipped, in-house laboratory, and are certified with SLSI (Sri Lanka Standards Institute) and ISO 22000:2005, and additionally, Organic, Kosher and Halal certified as well.

The new processing facility for Virgin Coconut Oil is a modern, well designed food processing plant, and is being upgraded to FSSC 22000 certification.

With the fast gaining acceptance of Virgin Coconut Oil being one of the healthiest oils in the world, Adamjees is correctly poised to bring its superior product to the world market. Our commitment towards R&D, will soon bring to the market more innovative solutions in Coconut Products.

We’re committed to R&D, and will soon bring to the market innovative solutions in coconut products.
Sri Lanka
Nutri Naturals
No :412/1, Gadambuwana Road,
Nutri Naturals is a manufacturer and exporter of Coconut base products.

Sri Lanka is considered as the 4th largest coconut producing country in the world. Contribution from the coconut industry to GDP plays a pivotal role in sustaining a viable economy at village, district and regional levels in Sri Lanka.There is a growing competition among coconut producing countries and concerted efforts have to be made to maintain Sri Lankan share of the export market for kernel as well as non-kernel products.We provide Virgin coconut oil, coconut flour, creamed coconut, coconut water and coconut milk products which are produced with freshly selected Organic and Conventional coconuts.

Nutri Naturals
+94 75 777 61 60, +94 75 777 61 70, +94 11 2609414
Sri Lanka
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