Lanka Milk Foods - Ambewela Farms
Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC.
In every step of the way, we believe in doing better. “Better” means for us, growing our own crops, and maintaining at the top of the list, the well-being of our cows. It means farming sustainably, and innovation in agriculture. And further, it also means, bringing to you wholesome, real milk.

The Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) group comprises of five companies, engaged in manufacturing, producing, importing, packaging, marketing, and distributing some the best known dairy, and beverage brands in Sri Lanka. The flagship brand “Lakspray” is a widely known house-hold brand in Sri Lanka, which has nourished over 5 decades of Sri Lankan generations.

Also marketed in the country are leading brands which include Daily, Lakspray Non-fat, Ambewela, My Juicee, and BLU energy drink.

Our commitment is towards providing products to our consumers, that are nutritive, and that which is manufactured under the highest standards of quality.

From end-to-end, Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC, completely controls it’s supply chain, and this is a key strategic advantage.

Located in the hill country of Sri Lanka, towering above sea level at a height of 6000 feet, is the ideal homeland for Ambewela Dairy Farms’ herd of Friesian, and Ayrshire cattle.

Ryegrass, which is scientifiically understood to contain a high percentage of protein, is what is fed to these animals at the Ambewela farms, and which is expected to give a high production of the best quality milk.

The ryegrass seeds are imported from Australia and New Zealand.

In order to maintain a pure breed of Friesians and Ayrshires artificial inseminations are carried out with best quality semen imported from USA and Finland respectively. The characteristics of imported semen are meticulously selected to suit our sub-tropical climatic conditions, easy calving, high immunity system, and high production of milk. In keeping with the modern scientific development the farms use only sexed semen to minimize the birth of male calves.

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Exporting spices

Dinidu Trade&Services has entered the export market. We export 100% pure spices. to European countries and Middle Eastern countries.Cinnamon(Powder, Bark Oil, Mix Cinnamon Tea, Cinnamon toothpicks), Cloves, Cardamoms, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Mace, Vanilla & Lemon Grass are some of the products exported.. We can also export any amount of spices to any country in the world.
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Amazon Teas
Amazon Trading (Pvt) Ltd,
257, Siri Dhamma Mawatha,

We love tea. It’s as pure and simple as that. From the classic soothing English Breakfast to the delicious Chocolate Super Berry Burst; tea, is our signature.

Amazon Teas is a manufacturer and marketer of organic tea, with our brand “English Tea Shop” being sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

We’re premium. But affordable.

And you’ll find us in natural food markets, premium department stores, and upscale food service providers.

At Amazon, the amazing stretches of tea, herbs, flowers, and fruits, are beautifully culled, and then artfully mixed by our imaginative tea experts, so to offer a truly organic, and fantastic product. All to delight the affirmed tea lover.

Our people’s love and commitment to share the perfect blend of Tea with the rest of the world flavours every part of our journey. As a team we share one goal; to deliver the best cuppa of Ceylon Tea.

We focus only on organic produce, and remain committed to helping to sustain the growth of the small farmers.

Their efforts to stay organic are fairly remunerated, valued, and appreciated, and every new season sees these amazing people bursting with ideas to increase organically their harvest.

All these efforts strengthen the very fabric of our business, and ensures the well-being of everyone, the protection of our planet, the sustainability of our community of partners and the delight and health of our Tea lovers.
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Engaging in agricultural products,Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Optics, Consumer Goods, Industrial Raw Materials & exports

A. Baur&Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Founded in 1897, it is a diversified group that operates agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, optics, consumer products, industrial raw materials and exports. Baurs exports high quality cinnamon and other Sri Lankan products to the world market.
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Coconut Kernel Products – Desiccated Coconut, Copra, Coconut Oil, Fresh Coconut Spices – Cinnaamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, Pepper and others

Founded in 1865, Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons Ltd. is one of Sri Lanka’s largest trading companies specializing in the export of coconut products and spices to Bangladesh’s manufacturing/export facilities. Our export products include dry coconut (common and fancy cut), coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, copra, coconut milk, coconut milk powder, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, dried lemon, tropical vegetables and fruits and many others Sri Lankan Agriculture – Commodities.
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Thudugala Junction, Dodangoda, Kalutara,
Providing Spices, Tea ,Food & Beverages, Ayurvedic / Herbal products

By 1989, Thudugala Junction in Dodangoda had a small rice and pepper processing unit belonging to the Kothalawala family. In fact, this business was only carried out as a social service, Mr. Aruna Kotalawala. At the time, he was a young undergraduate student at the Faculty of Science at Colombo University. It is understood that the business is running at the speed of snaiI and decided to transform it into a commercially viable enterprise.

Since then, the business has gradually introduced various products and new technologies. New ground fragrance formulations were introduced to the market and expanded the distribution network. As a result, the demand for Wiaya products is growing rapidly as a young entrepreneur who is aware of the future market trends of Wijaya products and has decided to build a factory complex that uses state-of-the-art technology to mass produce high quality perfume blends. spaghetti. Papadam et al

Currently, there are more than 850 employees working in various departments of the organization. The secret of the company’s success story lies in the dedication and commitment of management and employees at all levels to create the highest quality products and markets at reasonable prices.
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Access Natural Water (Pvt) Ltd.
78, Rajamalwatte Road,
Sri Lanka.
Aquafresh Sri Lanka is the undisputed leader in the local bottled water industry because of its superior quality,
Aquafresh is produced and bottled by Access Natural Water (Pvt) Ltd.

Aquafresh is currently available in a range of bottles offering consumers a choice depending on their needs,Our client base is over 5000 comprising both domestic consumers and corporate companies including Nestle, the United Nations and Sri Lankan Airlines.
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Akbar Brothers – Premium Quality Tea
334, T B Jayah Mawatha
The World’s Leading Exporter of Ceylon Tea

The Akbarally family has been involved in the selection, blending, packaging, and export of fine Ceylon tea, for almost as long as it was cultivated on Sri Lankan mountain slopes.

Today, the firm still owned and managed by members of the Akbarally family, is Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporter since 1992.

Akbar Brothers exports about a fifth of the country’s annual production, and emphasises on product quality based on comprehensive knowledge and experience of tea, and the tea industry, and a highly valued business culture that holds closely to fair dealing, integrity, and reliability.

Additionally, Akbar Brothers has diversified into several sectors through strategic reinvention, and expansion. Today, the group has a firm presence in the sectors of Tea, Power Generation, Packaging, Environmental Services, and so on…

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Confectionery & Bakery Products, Processed Food, Processed Vegetables, Fruits & Juices, Rice & Cereals

Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) is one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing and largest conglomerates, producing and selling biscuits, confectionery, cereals, organic fruit products and many other leading brands in many other categories worldwide.
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Green Tea in Bulk, Packets and Tea Bags.

“Stassen” is one of the largest corporate groups in Sri Lanka. Since its inception in 1977, it has established businesses such as exporters, importers, manufacturers, owners, plantations, telecommunications, milk, and leisure industries. We export tea and produce goods to all parts of the world and have become one of the largest exporters of tea and dried coconut, with an annual shipment of about 20 million Kilos. Our performance as a tea exporter has been rewarded by the Sri Lankan government and has been awarded its prestigious Presidential Export Award for five consecutive years. We are also a tea producer in our tea garden. In the mid-eighties, “Stassen” first started producing green tea (Chinese flavor) in Sri Lanka and began producing organic tea in the mid-eighties. Today it is known as the world’s first internationally certified organic tea. garden.
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