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Used by the ancient cultures and favoured as a cure by the famous, Bio-M® offers you Bio Energy Therapy, the therapy that helps the body heal itself naturally. It works in harmony with the natural electromagnetic energy fields of each individual and the earth’s energy fields. It is for those seeking effective natural and non-invasive solutions for healthy living.

The Bio-M® wellness products have helped many people reduce or overcome many ailments and other bodily discomfort.

What is Bio energy therapy?
Bio energy therapy is the regulation of energy of a person to its right frequency with the help of bio energy enhancement products. The basic function of the therapy is to harmonize us with the earth’s natural energy fields; this in turn helps to optimize health benefits.

Why use Bio-M energy Products.
It is said that if Bio energy therapy were a pill, it would be the most prescribed medicine on the planet! We at Bio-M have gone one step further. We bring you Bio energy products that offer people an opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Pain is a fact of everyday life lets not make it a life sentence.
Benefits & Remedies

We at Bio-M® believe that health is wealth and happiness. Now you can achieve pain relief and good health naturally. Bio-M® products are known to have helped in overcoming or reducing Negative effects that affect the human body.
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Sri Lanka
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Forwading srilankan gems to the international market

Beauty Gems has been registered since 2003. Our business has been strengthened by our ancestors. We buy rough stones from direct sources, and the polished stones purchased by local distributors are cut by experienced cutting machines. We bring Sri Lankan gemstones to the international market with international standards.
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Gems,Jewellery and Diamonds

Zam Gems is one of the largest and most respected gem and jewelry manufacturers in the country. Zam Gems designs, manufactures and sells unique gemstones and modern jewellery made from real materials at an affordable price. The Zam Gems collection of gems and jewellery is sold through more than 100 points of sale in more than five countries on two continents. Since its beginning in 1976, Zam Gems is headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka with more than 500 employees worldwide.

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Blue, pink and yellow sapphires, Star sapphires, Padparadscha, Alexandrites and Cat’s eyes

The company deals with pink, blue, yellow, star sapphires, padparadscha, alexandrites and cat eyes. It also deals in 18k gold and platinum jewellery as well as handicrafts and jewellery with colored stones and diamonds. Awards – Distinguished Exporters of Gems and Jewelry in 1999 and 2003 – SLNCE.
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Sri Lanka
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