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Address: 140 Nawala Rd, Nugegoda
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Short Business Description: Ceramic kingdom Consultant in ceramics and sanitary ware. We know that people are excited about the possibilities for their bathrooms but they need help to create their best bathroom solution – or in other words their ‘real ideal’ bathrooms are challenging spaces: what excites us is helping people to translate their visions into reality
Long Business Description:

Ceramic Kingdom (Pvt) Ltd. was founded ten years ago in Colombo based on a belief in the timeless beauty of authentic tile. Ceramic Kingdom (Pvt) Ltd. becomes Sri Lanka’s pioneers and largest importers in Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary-ware, Bathroom Accessories, Granites, Natural Stones, Marbles, Tile Grouts & Tile Adhesives. We use our global reach to supply your local needs.
Ceramic Kingdom is an experienced supplier of interior wall and floor tiles. we offer a wide range so we know that we can cater to all of your needs.We pick various sets and parts from different brand to set up a colorful theme based and elegant outfit to your bathroom.Similarly exterior tiling too a collection of varieties of 100% best qualified tiles. And made to the highest quality standards.

We are the choice of the professional
Architects and Designers specify us for high profile and demanding environments, including major hospitals, sports stadiums, iconic buildings, landmark hotels and public facilities.

Save Money, Live Better.
We know that bathrooms can be difficult spaces – too small, too big, too L-shaped, too slippy, too busy or just awkward. Whatever the space, we aim to provide inspired ideas and helpful tools to help turn a vision into reality, whatever the desired look, budget or space.

Because we have a unique perspective on people, fittings, furniture and how best to use space, we balance the way we think about bathroom design across all the key pillars of ergonomics – from safety, cleanliness, aestethic pleasure and comfort to peace, quiet and psychological wellbeing.

Business Website Address: Ceramic Kingdom
Business Phone Number: 074-723-61274 | 074-723-57771
City: Nugegoda
Country: Sri Lanka
Super Colloid Ltd
Address: Head office:
Super Colloid Lanka Pvt Ltd,
30/1B, Alwis Place, Kollutpitiya,
Colombo-03, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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Short Business Description: Super Colloid Ltd was founded in 2007 to provide a solution to the growing concerns of both industry and individuals that chemicals found in many everyday cleaning products were not only harming us but having a profound and long lasting effect on our environment.
Long Business Description:

We have created a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are suitable for all commercial premises and purposes ,all of the products are made from natural materials.

Non- Toxic
Non- Hazardous
Non- Flammable
Non- Fuming
Non- Caustic
Non- Explosive

No Phosphates
No Nitrates
No Enzymes
No Silicates
No Sulfates

A strong team of experts behind them
A strong and sustainable supply chain to supply all the raw materials
A growing distribution chain
Full support of many large companies in Sri Lanka who use their products .

Business Website Address: Super Colloid Ltd
Business Phone Number: +94 112 441 011/ +94 112 333 422
City: Colombo 03
Country: Sri Lanka
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