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Zesta offers an evocative range of specially hand selected green teas, black teas, white teas, and herbal infusions which come in standard envelope and pyramid tea bags as well as loose leaf packs in an assortment of packaging options with high visual appeal; glass jars, paper canisters, tin caddies, etc…

Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd. is the first brand tea company in Sri Lanka. It has the highest market share in the tea category, with three brands: ‘Zesta’, ‘Watawala Tea’ and ‘Ran Kahata’, catering to three different market segments. After establishing a solid foundation in the local area, the company began to implement an expansion plan by introducing Zesta connoisseurs – Zesta extensions to cater to quality international clients and enter selected international markets. The company is the exclusive tea supplier to Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, serving 100 luxury hotels in 22 countries. Watawala Tea Ceylon is Sunshine Holdings, Tata Global Beverages and Pyramid Wilmar (Pvt) Ltd. Joint venture.

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Akbar Brothers – Premium Quality Tea
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The World’s Leading Exporter of Ceylon Tea

The Akbarally family has been involved in the selection, blending, packaging, and export of fine Ceylon tea, for almost as long as it was cultivated on Sri Lankan mountain slopes.

Today, the firm still owned and managed by members of the Akbarally family, is Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporter since 1992.

Akbar Brothers exports about a fifth of the country’s annual production, and emphasises on product quality based on comprehensive knowledge and experience of tea, and the tea industry, and a highly valued business culture that holds closely to fair dealing, integrity, and reliability.

Additionally, Akbar Brothers has diversified into several sectors through strategic reinvention, and expansion. Today, the group has a firm presence in the sectors of Tea, Power Generation, Packaging, Environmental Services, and so on…

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Amazon Teas
Amazon Trading (Pvt) Ltd,
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We love tea. It’s as pure and simple as that. From the classic soothing English Breakfast to the delicious Chocolate Super Berry Burst; tea, is our signature.

Amazon Teas is a manufacturer and marketer of organic tea, with our brand “English Tea Shop” being sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

We’re premium. But affordable.

And you’ll find us in natural food markets, premium department stores, and upscale food service providers.

At Amazon, the amazing stretches of tea, herbs, flowers, and fruits, are beautifully culled, and then artfully mixed by our imaginative tea experts, so to offer a truly organic, and fantastic product. All to delight the affirmed tea lover.

Our people’s love and commitment to share the perfect blend of Tea with the rest of the world flavours every part of our journey. As a team we share one goal; to deliver the best cuppa of Ceylon Tea.

We focus only on organic produce, and remain committed to helping to sustain the growth of the small farmers.

Their efforts to stay organic are fairly remunerated, valued, and appreciated, and every new season sees these amazing people bursting with ideas to increase organically their harvest.

All these efforts strengthen the very fabric of our business, and ensures the well-being of everyone, the protection of our planet, the sustainability of our community of partners and the delight and health of our Tea lovers.

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Almar Tea
Almar Teas(Pvt) Ltd,
No. 143/17,
Sri Wickrema Mw
At Almar Teas, we strongly focus on the consumer, and customer in delivering quality tea products…

Guided by our core values of consumer focus, we at Almar Teas embrace the highest standards of integrity, quality, and consistency in the delivery of products and services.

A subsidiary of the Almar Group of Companies, the Almar holds over three decades of continued growth, and is a recognized as a major conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Our flagship tea brand – Aura – is available in both, black, and green tea, and further in different flavours. Also a supplier of bulk, straight or blended packeted teas, and tea bags, either flavoured or value added qualities of the highest standards according to individual trade partner requirements.

Almar Teas ensure the delivery of consistent quality through its meticulous selection and tasting process by its experienced skilled personnel. High standards of quality and value are ensured through the process of sourcing tea from plantations of choice at specified elevations that follow stringent processing and delivery systems that in turn qualify for quality certification from the Sri Lanka Tea Board and other international organizations.

Almar Teas with its quality tea products supported by its professional team and proven record in sourcing and exporting high quality Ceylon Teas, invite interested organizations to join them in Joint Ventures.

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Green Tea in Bulk, Packets and Tea Bags.

“Stassen” is one of the largest corporate groups in Sri Lanka. Since its inception in 1977, it has established businesses such as exporters, importers, manufacturers, owners, plantations, telecommunications, milk, and leisure industries. We export tea and produce goods to all parts of the world and have become one of the largest exporters of tea and dried coconut, with an annual shipment of about 20 million Kilos. Our performance as a tea exporter has been rewarded by the Sri Lankan government and has been awarded its prestigious Presidential Export Award for five consecutive years. We are also a tea producer in our tea garden. In the mid-eighties, “Stassen” first started producing green tea (Chinese flavor) in Sri Lanka and began producing organic tea in the mid-eighties. Today it is known as the world’s first internationally certified organic tea. garden.

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