Although the listing of the products are free, we’re able to keep the site up and running through sponsored advertisements. Further more, adding your business to the Business Directory, comes at a very small price.

Absolutely not. We’re not money-grubbers, or people who want to deceive others into parting with their possessions, or their hard-earned money. And we detest people of that source.

Our website seeks to bring business to not just the big name brands out there. hopes to help the smaller businesses who are very good at what they do, to also have a chance at going global.

Listing of the products in the products section is completely free of charge. FOC.

In short,

  1. This is one way that helps keep up and running. Since listing of the products is free of charge, businesses that want to go the extra mile are encouraged to list themselves (at a very small rate), in the Business Directory.
  2. The Business Directory is one of the core components that help maximize your impact across the internet. We want to make your business or service famous.
  3. If you’re a service type of business that is into helping other businesses, then we promote your category, which in turn adds value to
  4. You have a chance at being featured in our blog posts.
  5. The Business Directory aims at greatly extracting value from Search Engines, (like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo).
  6. plays a role at getting your business on the first page of Google.

…and that’s just for starters.

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